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Summer Camps

Summer Camp Registration opens January 3rd, 2015!

Our camps are about DISCOVERY. Kids have the opportunity to explore nature, find new talents, try new activities, gain independence, make lasting friendships and memories, and of course, have fun!


View Camp brochure here: Y 2014 Day Camp Brochure

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Summer Camp Registration Frequently Asked Questions

1. For Online Registration:  Do I need to fill in the questionnaire for my child more than one time? 

No! The first time you register your child, you must go through the entire process (through payment). Once you do, the Questionnaire will auto fill for any future camps you register him or her for. You must fill the questionnaire for each child.


2. For Online Registration:  Why doesn’t the pre/post camp question and the bus transportation question auto fill in the questionnaire? 

The answers to the questions may change from week to week and these questions also have a charge for them if you select yes. We want to make sure they are answered correctly for EACH camp your child registers for! If you register for multiple weeks of camp at a time, you simply need to pick the week you want pre/post camp and/or bus to match the weeks of camp you want them for.


3. If my child is in Preschool at the Merrimack YMCA, is there a simple way to sign them up for camp?

Yes! Being in Preschool, you will be automatically enrolled into the Young Explorers Camp at the Merrimack YMCA. If you are looking to go to Little Investigators at the Nashua YMCA or Lil’ Voyagers at Camp Sargent, you must talk with the Welcome Center to change their registration.  For those of you graduating kindergarten, we are excited to see you at camp and going through the normal registration process for the first time!


4. What are Swim Lessons at Camp Sargent? 

If you are attending Camp Sargent, you have the option of registering for swim lessons at Camp Sargent on Lake Naticook. In order to take swim lessons, you must register for Pre/Post Camp for the weeks you would like swim lessons and then register for Swim Lessons separately. All swim lessons will take place during post camp at Camp Sargent.


5. For Online Registration:  How do I get the sibling discount? 

After you complete registration for your children please call the Welcome Center and speak to a Welcome Center Representative. If you are paying in full, please call the Welcome Center before you pay so we can give you the discount first.


6. There are so many camps!!!! How can I narrow down my camp choices? 

When you go into the Camp Registration page, you can “Choose Location” on the left side of the page to narrow what camps you are looking at.


7. Where is each camp?

Camp Nashua 

Camp Create Nashua

Little Investigators

Teen Quest

Camp Merrimack 

Young Explorers

Camp Ludus

Camp Create Merrimack

Discovery Camp

Camp Sargent

Summer Fun

Camp Sargent Specialty Camps


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